News & Events 2016

The beginning of a new year brings the anticipation of another maple season, now just a couple of months away. This will be an exciting season for us as, for the first time, we use our newly installed state of the art evaporator. Thanks to modern technology our 5' x 14' evaporator has been replaced by a 30" x 12' unit while still maintaining close to the same production rate. This has given us much more work space in our 1953 sugar house and should also cut down on our wood consumption. Needless to say, it's been a busy Summer and Fall making the necessary structural changes and installing the new unit.

The past two seasons have been colder than normal resulting in late seasons with most of our syrup made in April. Some forecasters are saying that this could be a warmer winter this year due to the El Nino effect. If that's the case we could be in for an earlier season. However, with Mother Nature so unpredictable, who knows? We just have to be ready in case.

We are proud to continue our maple tradition for our 95th year. Visit us this Spring from mid March to mid April and we will be happy to show you the process. We will again be participating in New Hampshire Maple Weekend held on March 19th and 20th.