News & Events 2020

The year 2020 will certainly be a year not soon forgotten. By the end of February all 3,300 taps were drilled and ready for warmer days. The sap flow started in early March and it did end up being a productive season, one of our best years. However, as we were about to open the sugar house for our 99th year covid 19 showed its ugly head and completely changed our normal interaction with customers. The production area had to be closed to the public and our small retail store did not permit proper social distancing. Like many other retail businesses we went curbside and with proper face masks. We are happy to say that the community was very supportive and our loyal customers were not deterred from making their annual Springtime visit "up the hill". We also saw, and continue to see, an increase in our mail order business as more people are home spending more time preparing their own meals. "We're making more pancakes" was reported several times.

We now look forward to 2021, our 100th anniversary. We will certainly find a way to celebrate this milestone, though it will probably be different than what we had hoped for. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the next maple season.